Stone Brewery Logo comes to life in this display with the use of back-face projection. 
Display animation advertises what makes Stone Brewery's IPA "Enjoy By" unique: the beer is meant to be enjoyed with 37 days for ultimate freshness, the malt and citrus flavors, and brewed with 12 different types of hops.

Step 1 : model Stone Brewery logo in Zbrush (also use as template for animation in After Effects)
Step 2 : CNC Mill the model using lightweight material such as Balsa wood
Step 3 : Using thing CNC milled model, vaccuum form with acrylic plastic sheet
Step 4 : Spray on Cinema/Screen Goo for back projection
Step 5 : Build box around it to house projector
( ( interior shot making good use of an HP book to temporarily prop of the projector ) )
Step 6 : Spackle to smooth any holes from nails or gaps between wood, sand down, prime, and paint
Step 7 : Watch in amusement as everyone waves their hand in front of the display, 
wondering where the projection is coming from
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