Hi! I'm Alyssa Victoria Medina, a senior motion designer 
for The Drew Barrymore Show.
Born, based, and looking to collaborate in Los Angeles or remotely.
Raised by my graphic designer mom, I grew up doodling in Photoshop almost as much as on paper.
I'm a Ravenclaw- which means I'm addicted to learning anything and everything, 
especially when it's about art.
 I'm a Swiss Army knife, or in other words, a generalist.
Illustrator and Designimator in both 2D and 3D.
I like to be versatile in my style - depending on what the project calls for.
I have two AA's, one in Graphic Design and one in Fine Art 
but was hungry for more! So I got my BA in Motion Design from Otis College.
With Motion Design, the possibilities are endless. 
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