Displayed in Santa Clarita City hall throughout 2015, these expressive designs create the feeling of major Santa Clarita intersections
I used only images that I photographed myself at each location
Hamburger Hill
Hamburger Hill is a place of chaos, especially during lunchtime. The hunger of all those people in all of those cars mixed with all of the people going to and coming from the I-5 freeway and the side streets and turns on Hamburger Hill; and all of the signs and gas stations and restaurants and hotels, makes you not too sure what to focuse on. On top of that it's on top of a hill without much coverage from the sun other than the occasional signage or palm tree, so the bright blue California sky is beating down on you. All of that color, brightness, and activity can be a bit overwhelming, but it can be fun and worth it and very satisfying to your tummy! 
 Magic Mountain Parkway and Mcbean is part of the center of town. It's the place to be at for suburban hang outs. On weekend nights this intersection is usually crawling with teens and families either getting their shopping done at grocery stores or the mall, or eating at the many fancy restaurants, or going to the movie theater. Basically, it's full of life, but what draws your attention the most is not just the life and activity going on but mostly all of the lights. The many cars, the glowing movie theatre lights, the restaurant lights, the traffic and street lights. The intersection is basically glowing and enveloping you in a warm, cozy, and also fun sort of feeling that makes you want to go out and do something.
Mcbean/Newhall Ranch [Bridgeport]
 Bridgeport is a perfect, peaceful and calm, beautiful, and luxurious place for family time, and elegant prom and wedding pictures. It's a spacious intersection with a scenic view of the distant hills, luxurious apartments and houses, and a variety of iconic structures. The two large ponds, the abundance of flowers, the string lights hung on what look like gas lamps makes it hard not to feel calm and cozy inside.
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