Halo Top is a luxury brand ice cream that also seems to have a bit of fun with their branding. I wanted to create a concept that captured that luxurious hilarity with these frames.
I did this by focusing on Halotop's unique non-dairy flavors, which is straight out of a lactose intolerant person's dream. In this dreamy concept I kept it minimal, airy, and used Halotop's signature gold to create a luxurious look. We focus on Halotop's halo that we see on every container, which reveals the ice cream along with abstract shapes that are based on the ingredients in that flavor. 
But then it gets weird. A few cows slows drift in and bounce away like rubber. There's a slowmotion close-up of a cow getting squished against some invisible force-field protecting the ice cream. The cows bounce away like rubber. What the heck was that?! The next flavor is gracefully revealed as if nothing happened but quickly and suddenly the ice cream is bombarded by hundreds of cows bouncing off of the force-field.
Not phased, the halo reveals the Halotop containers. 
Also revealing that they are non-dairy flavors that no milk cows have touched.
Ice cream photography done by me with a Panasonic GH5
Halo & abstract gold objects were modeled & rendered in C4d
Chocolate almond crunch container texture created in Illustrator
Containers & the sea salt caramel texture were created by Robert Bisi in C4D and Illustrator
All lighting & texturing & rendering done by me in C4D
Cow squished with ncloth in Maya
Comping done in Photoshop

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