The following story was collaborated with my team, Dustin Studios. We brought this story to life by each creating our own styles. Below is the style I chose inspired by the short films Here's the Plan and also Feast. We also chose one style to create a VR scene.
Henry & his Flower
Henry discovers a strange, giant container in his garden with a symbol that says "no bugs". The container is filled with a strange yellow liquid
Henry takes care of his flower, reading it a bedtime story when night comes
Henry does everything he can to mend his flower despite getting weaker and weaker from the bright yellow stuff that has been falling off of his flower and onto him. Henry rests to admire his work, proud of all that he had done....knowing it might not be enough. The story is left open-ended as a call to action to help save the bees, and in-turn the environment, from pesticides.
Virtual Reality
We created an image that can be wrapped with any VR app. 
-modeling flowerbeds along with fences
-modeled background bees
-photoshop texturing
-book cover design
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